About us

Founded in 2019, Techy Night is an ambitious tech media startup that aims to make people’s lives better by educating them, on how to use their tech products in the most efficient way possible.

Techy Night is a perfect place for every tech enthusiast who loves to learn new technologies or wants to increase their existing knowledge.

We consolidate one of the trendiest and complex topics and break them into comprehensible lessons that you can understand without having any technical background.

We enable our readers to make better purchase decisions and once they’ve purchased a gadget, we teach them how to use it like a pro.

We do this by writing in-depth guides, how-tos, lists, explainers and tips on all kinds of consumer tech topics.

We always strives to educate you on how technology can enhance and enrich your life by providing you information, opinion, and advice.

Techy Night is not Just a brand, it’s a community that feeds your passion for technology.

Meet me

Manish Ranjan Gupta

Hello friends my name is Manish Ranjan Gupta and I'm founder and writer of Techy Night. I'm a tech geek who spends half of his day reading and writing about tech. I have always been passionate about technology.

Trying out new gadgets like smartphones, laptops, headphones, etc has always been very interesting, and one fine day I decided to turn this passion into responsibility to help people use technology in the most efficient way possible and this is how Techy Night was born.

At first it all started as a naive hobby and as time went by, my interest in content creation went on increasing.

No matter what I do in life, Techy Night is always going to be a very big part of me because it involves the two things that I am most passionate about in life, Technology and Content Creation.

Being able to try out the latest tech gadgets and to help people make an informed buying decision is what keeps me going.

We like listening to our audience. So, If you ever have any queries regarding anything in my life or if you have feedback or new topic suggestion, feel free to contact us.