iBoysoft Data Recovery: A Step-by-Step Guide to Recover Lost or Deleted Files

iBoysoft data recovery software can rescue documents, photos, videos and many more safely, easily and quickly.

If you have ever lost important data on your computer, you know how devastating it can be.

iBoysoft Data Recovery

Losing crucial files might feel like a nightmare, whether it's because of a virus, an error of judgement, or hardware failure.

Fortunately, there are several software options for data recovery, with iBoysoft Data Recovery being one of the most well-liked.

What is iBoysoft Data Recovery

You may recover lost or deleted files from your computer, external hard drives, and other storage devices with the aid of the robust and user-friendly data recovery programme known as iBoysoft Data Recovery.

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It is a flexible tool for all users because it works with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

It's simplicity is one of iBoysoft Data Recovery's best qualities. the software walks you step by step through the recovery procedure, and the user interface is clear and simple to use.

You should be able to rapidly learn how to use iBoysoft Data Recovery even if you've never used data recovery software before.

Features offered by iBoysoft Data Recovery

The fact that iBoysoft Data Recovery can retrieve any form of file is another fantastic feature.

Whether you've misplaced precious documents, audio, video, or photo data, iBoysoft Data Recovery can assist you in getting them back.

Also, the software is capable of recovering data from a variety of storage media, such as hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, and others.

Data recovery from inaccessible drives is one of iBoysoft Data Recovery's special features.

If your computer's hardware has failed or your hard drive has become corrupted, this can be quite helpful.

In these situations, even if you are unable to access the drive normally, iBoysoft Data Recovery can assist you in recovering your data.

iBoysoft Data Recovery is an all-around effective and user-friendly data recovery programme that can assist you in restoring deleted or lost files from a number of storage devices.

Both novice and experienced users will find it to be a great choice due to its simplicity and adaptability.

Thus, give iBoysoft Data Recovery a try if you're seeking for a trustworthy data recovery software tool.

Step-by-step guide to recover data from iBoysoft Data Recovery

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use iBoysoft Data Recovery to recover lost or deleted files from your PC or laptop.

Step 1: Download and Install iBoysoft Data Recovery

Installing iBoysoft Data Recovery on your PC is the first step.

The software is available for download from the iBoysoft website or you can download it by clicking the link below.

iBoysoft Data Recovery 11.82MB

And installation is simple, follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Step 2: Launch iBoysoft Data Recovery

Once the software is installed, launch iBoysoft Data Recovery.

The software will automatically detect all the drives and storage devices connected to your computer.

Step 3: Select the Drive or Device to Recover Data From

Decide which drive or storage device you wish to restore data from.

Use the "Deep Scan" option to search all the drives and devices connected to your computer if you're unsure which drive or device to choose.

Step 4: Choose the File Type You Want to Recover

iBoysoft Data Recovery allows you to recover different types of files, including photos, videos, music files, and documents.

If you're unsure which sort of file you want to recover, select "All File Types" instead of the specific file type you wish to restore.

Step 5: Scan the Drive or Device

To start the scanning process after choosing the drive or device and the file type you want to recover, click the "Scan" button.

The programme will search the drive or other storage medium for any recoverable files.

Step 6: Preview and Select the Files to Recover

A list of all the recovered files will be shown by iBoysoft Data Recovery after the scanning procedure is finished.

To be sure they are the files you wish to recover, you can preview the files.

Click the "Recover" button after selecting the files you want to restore.

Step 7: Save the Recovered Files

You will be prompted by iBoysoft Data Recovery to choose a location to save the recovered files.

The files should ideally be saved to a different drive or storage device than the one from which they were retrieved.

By doing this, you can avoid overwriting any other lost or deleted files.

I'm done now! By following these easy instructions, you can use iBoysoft Data Recovery to quickly recover lost or deleted files.

If you have any query than feel free to ask it in comment section below.