These 7 Tips Will Improve Your Windows 11 Gaming Performance

Learn how to speed up your Windows 11, 10, 7 for MAXIMUM performance. Increase your Gaming FPS, 4K videos, laptop battery life.

If you're a gamer and own a windows 11 pc than you are in love because windows 11 has a lot of game improvements to give you the best gaming performance.

Top 7 Ways to Improve Gaming Performance in Windows 11

But the big question is do you know what are those improvements and how to actually make use of them?

Well today we'll be talking about some of the most essential settings that you should enable along with some of the most useless settings that you should disable to get the maximum and the best gaming performance out of your windows 11 pc.

1. Turn On Game Mode

First let's enable the game mode.

Now i know microsoft has offered this game mode previously on windows 10 as well, but now with windows 11 the game mode is well actually useful.

Enabling it is super simple just press the "Windows + i" keys to open the settings app and then select gaming from the left sidebar.

Now go to the game mode and enable the toggle from the menu.

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2. Turn Off Enhance Pointer Precision

If you're a gamer the chances are you already have a good gaming mouse.

Now as such it's always a good idea to disable microsoft's settings for enhancing the pointer precision.

Enhance pointer precision is a window setting that comes pre-installed for devices to basically improve their tracking, but chances are if you're using a gaming mouse it already comes with its pro battery software.

So having windows try to implement something good is cause more harm.

I order to disable it press the windows key and then search for "mouse".

Now open the mouse settings menu, from the related settings when you select "additional mouse settings", now move to the pointer "options menu", from here disable the enhanced point of precision.

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3. Force Use GPU in Specific Games

Now if you're gaming on your pc, you have to have a dedicated gpu for that.

However chances are that your specific game or application might not be using that GPU.

Thankfully you can change it very easily using windows settings.

To do that press the windows key and then search for "graphics", now press enter and open the graphic settings menu.

Select the game and then click on "options", now select whatever GPU you want to use with the game and then hit "save".

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4. Turn Off Record What Happened

Now next setting is very important, it basically gives you far more RAM and storage.

So basically what happens is that when you're gaming, i don't know if you're streaming or not but chances are that you might want to do some game captures.

Now ideally you can use the game bar to just save a recording of the last five minutes or if you use a dedicated software that has you sorted.

However windows also has a sort of unnecessary feature in the name of "record what happened" where it just automatically recognizes what happened and then saves it as a highlight.

Chances are that you do not want that and just have to disable that.

Open the windows settings app and then go to gaming and select captures, now disable record what happened toggle and that's it.

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5. Turn Off Apps Opening on Startup

Now moving on here's a classic trick to improve overall windows 11 performance is just disable the apps that are running for the starter.

To do that open the window settings and go to the apps menu, now select startup and just disable the irrelevant apps and services starting up during the login process.

6. Turn On High Performance Mode from Power Plan

Now another thing that you can do if you are planning on gaming on your windows 11 pc is to enable the high performance mode.

This basically ensures that the maximum power is given to both your CPU and GPU to help just ensure that you get the maximum performance.

To do that press the windows key and then search for "edit power plan" now hit enter and it will open the power options, click on the power option at the top and then enable high performance from the drop down menu and that's it.

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7. Keep All Drivers Updated

Now the last thing that you want to ensure is that you keep everything up to date, so whether it's your GPU drivers or windows 11 itself, you have to ensure that everything is up to date.

Thankfully windows update takes care of all of it, all you have to do is just go to windows settings and then head over to windows update and then search for the latest updates, it'll automatically fetch the most stable version of your GPU drivers along with the latest version of windows 11 and basically keep you up to date.

However if you want you can manually download the latest GPU driver updates from your respective websites.

Now i personally do not recommend doing that because the latest versions usually come with some sort of bugs and might have some issues.

The brand also claims that it comes with more modifications for the latest games so make your pick.

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Bonus Tip : Don't Install 3rd Party Antivirus

Alright guy's i have a bonus tip for you which saves your money and also maximize your PC performance.

Many people still believe that third-party antivirus software is still needed on newer windows operating systems including windows 11.

The truth is - it's not.

For most people windows security is all that they would ever need, it's built into windows and includes microsoft defender antivirus.

While most third-party security programs can slow down your pc, microsoft defender is optimized with protection from viruses and other malware with low system impact.

If you're a responsible pc user not clicking on links wildly on the internet or visiting sketchy websites do yourself a favor and save your money by not buying and installing third-party security software.

If you have any doubts and queries than comment down below, I'll definitely help you.