How to Get Unlimited Cloud Storage Using Telegram

In this article I'm gonna show you - How to Get Unlimited Cloud Storage Using Telegram. So now don't worry about storage space running out.

Telegram is one of the best end to end encrypted messaging apps and offers a cross-platform, without any ads spying on your messages.

How to Get Unlimited Cloud Storage Using Telegram for Free

The service is similar to Apple iMessage but offers more reliability and has dedicated apps for all platforms including Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, and Android.

So from June onwards Google photos no longer allows unlimited uploads for free.

So we need a good alternative.

Surprisingly, telegram always had this feature where you could save messages, the "saved messages" is not only saved to your phone, but also to the cloud.

So technically it acts like a Cloud storage.

So in this article I'm gonna show you - How to Get Unlimited Cloud Storage Using Telegram for absolutely free.

Know How to Get Unlimited Cloud Storage Using Telegram

So you can can get unlimited cloud storage on telegram by two methods.

The first method is by using saved messages and the 2nd method is my favourite one, which are private channels.

So let's dive in.

Saved Messages

So saved messages are sort of, our own cloud storage space.

You can access it either by searching for saved messages or by opening the hamburger menu and here it is.

So once you open saved messages, you can upload photos, videos or any type of files upto 2 GB per file and it will stay there, even if you delete telegram.

You can also forward files, photos and videos from other groups or channels to here and it will also be saved on your private cloud storage.

Private Channels

So what makes Private channels useful is that you can organize your files by creating multiple private channels.

So one for photos, one for videos, etc you get the point, right.

So in order to create a private channel Tap on the new message button, then select new channel. Give a name and upload a photo if you want to, also provide description, then tap on the "tick" button.

Then select channel type as "Private Channel".

You can see a private channel link here. Just make a note of it.

And don't share it with anyone, then "tick" again.

Then on "add subscribers" page just tap on next, and you have successfully created your own private channel that you can use as a private cloud storage.

Then you can upload or forward any files to this and it will be uploaded to telegram's cloud.

And you can download it or view it anytime you want. It is really good.

Bonus Tip

Also a tip for you guys, make sure to disable automatic download.

Otherwise the whole cloud storage will be downloaded to your phone. We don't want that to happen.

So for that open hamburger menu, open "settings" data and Storage and disable all the "automatic media download" options.

You can also open telegram on your pc and upload files from your pc as well to these private channels or saved messages.

Only limit is that a single file must not exceed 2 GB, so if you have a large file, split it up and upload.

It is really awesome that telegram is doing this, and we all can make use of it.