13 Secret Strategy that Helps You to Get More Instagram Followers

If one two three star forward then I have 13 secrets strategy. By using this 13 secret you can almost double up your Instagram follower.

Nowaday Instagram is the most popular social networking platform in the world with 1.386 billion active users.

If you want to get noticed in 1.386 billion active instagram users than i have 13 secret way for you.

By using this trick you can almost double up your Instagram followers and views.

13 Easiest Way to Get More Followers and Reach on Instagram

How do you grow on Instagram right now?

From video content, and more specifically it's reels because video content and reels actually get 135% more organic reach than photo content alone.

Thats why I'm saying photo content is dead.

Playing by all of Instagram's rules and you're still saying to yourself, why am I not growing on this app?

It's always so passionate. Well, you could be shadow banned.

Instagram just released a brand new feature called account status, which you can find in the settings menu, which allows you to actually check the status of your account to see if you have any strikes against their community guidelines.

And if you do, that's probably the reason why you have such little reach at this point and why you're not growing.

So check if you're shadow banned.

Facebook recently announced that the reels that you have on Instagram will now also be shared on Facebook worldwide.
Source - theverge.com

So now Facebook recently announced that the reels that you have on Instagram will now also be shared on Facebook worldwide.

Now, previous to this, they were only available in Canada, United States, Mexico, and India.

That means every single country can share their reel now to a worldwide audience.

That means that you're getting free organic reach just by switching the settings in the Instagram app to allow your reels to be shared to Facebook.

So before starting with 13 secret way let me just tell you that most of the people think that posting a video or a photo on instagram feed is more important than anything else to grow on instagram.

But this is not so true.

You need to use all the features such as posting a photo or a video, posting reels and posting a story which is the most important factor for growing engagement and followers on instagram.

Stories vs Posts

Best thing about posting a story on instagram is you will reach out to people who are not following you.

That is a big advantage for your instagram growth and this will definitely help you to gain more followers.

If your content is more engaging and more interesting then definitely someone who is not following you on instagram will watch your story and will reach out to your instagram profile to check out your more photos and videos.

This will help you to gain more and more followers and more and more engagement.

So start posting instagram stories now and make sure that your content is engaging.

Content Strategies

Let's talk about content strategies.

All right, so what you want is your content to fit into one of these four categories.

1. Educational - anything that teaches your audience something.

2. Inspirational - anything that leaves your audience wanting to get up and go and do something.

3. Promotional - so if you have a service or a product that you offer, make content around that product or service.

4. Entertaining - i think this is subjective, but some thought starters are comedy, that's all around entertainment.

Hooking your audience

Now that you've figured out what category your reel should be in, now you have to try and hook your audience within the first two seconds of your video.

You have to have a very strong hook to pull them in.

Now, pay attention to your own habits as a test. Go on Instagram right now, open up reels, and start scrolling.

Just have a little bit of self-awareness for a second. Ask yourself the question, what pulled me into this video, and try to apply that to your own content.

Always be Simulating

Always have something stimulating happening on screen.

Every 10 seconds of video - Justify the next 10 seconds of video.

In my experience with reels, and you can quote me on this, every one to two seconds of video must justify the next one to two seconds of video.

You have such little time to tell a story, and little visual cues on screen will help keep your audience interested in your content.

Here are a few examples.

Start with captions. Captions are a must. Literally only 15% of people actually watch video with sound on.

So by having captions, you're gonna reach that 85% of the audience that is watching without sound on, especially if you have a talking head video.

Add Some Post Production Techniques

For example, we like adding little overlays, maybe it's a texture on screen that's slightly moving, maybe it's a moving background.

Basically anything that can happen on screen that adds a little bit more interest to your video.

In a perfect world, you would also create a loop, and why this is a benefit to you is if you can find a way to seamlessly transition to the beginning of a video, that will increase the amount of views that you get on a video.

It will also extend the reach on that video because it's telling the algorithm, hey, people like to rewatch this video.

Build Anticipation

And the last tip is to have anticipation built within your video. Keep your audience wanting more.

Here is an easy example of anticipation.

Wonder you have a envelope. Say your viewers what's inside this envelope. It says strictly confidential.

Do you guys know what's inside of it? I have no idea. There's another envelope inside of it. I wonder what's inside this envelope.

You wanna know, don't you? And a little wallet inside this, and I wonder what's inside the wallet.

And on that note, follow me. We're also giving away a camera once we hit 50K followers.

Include a Call to Action

Now, in order to actually get more followers, I think an important part of your content is a call-to-action to get people to actually follow you.

So at the end of your piece of content, have a little icon on screen that says follow for more content and/or actually say follow for more content like this.

And what this is, is a prime example of the power of suggestion.

By saying follow me, you're increasing the likelihood of someone actually wanting to follow you.

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This is the exact same thing when McDonald's started saying would you like fries with that?

When they were going through the drive through menu, and they actually increased their fries sales tenfold.

So you can increase your follower account just by suggesting follow for more.

Be Active

Join in on the conversation, actually be a fan of the app and a fan of reels. Go to other reels, leave comments, join in the conversation.

Whatever the reel's about, try to be authentic in your approach, and that will benefit your own content.

Don't make it just about you and how the app can serve you, be a part of the community.

Focus on showing up as much as possible. Now, in ideal situation, you would be posting reels pretty consistently.

But maybe you don't have the time to do that because that's the reality of life.

You could have a full-time job. You could have another business. You could just be doing this for fun.

Multiple Delivery Methods

So another content strategy that might not get as many followers but will mean that you show up more often, is to use one idea and then expand that across three to four delivery methods on Instagram.

So let me explain it.

Let's say you make a reel. Now actually post that video as a video to Instagram, and then also turn the subject or the idea from that video into an Instagram carousel post.

That way you're gonna hit as many different audiences as possible.

So you're increasing the likelihood of people seeing that one idea in multiple different ways.

So the strategy might not increase a lot like reels would, but you're still growing.

And remember that every new eyeball is a potential new customer, or new fan.

Post frequently

So, if you are posting a story every week then you should be consistent that means you have to post a story every week and you don't have to miss any day of posting.

Because being consistent on instagram is the key to success.

I would suggest you that you should post at least one story a day to grow your engagement and followers.

This will definitely help you to gain more and more story views on your instagram account.

Do polls

So now moving on to next tip is do polls and this tip is that secret tip that helped me a lot to increase views on my story.

Trust me i have tried this tip and i guarantee you that by using this tip you can get almost five times more views than your previous two reviews.

You just have to post some story related to your audience and then you just have to do polls asking any simple question related to post.

Such as do you like this photo or will you go for this product or not and keep the answer to be simple in yes or no.

So that user won't get confused in the answers and this will definitely increase your story views by five times.

Make sure you don't have any other story before this poll stood so just delete the previous story and then post the whole story.

Than just wait for the story to end the time period of 24 hours.

Post engaging content

Now another tip to Get More Followers and Reach on Instagram is post engaging content.

Posting is important on instagram but you have to make sure that your post content is engaging and people should react to your story.

For example - If you are posting funny content on your instagram story then that story will get more and more engagement and more and more reactions.

So the funny and entertaining content is more engaging and that will help your story to gain more and more views as well as followers.

So try to make your story more engaging and more attractive so that people will react to it.

Using Hashtags

Using hashtags also a best trick to get more views on your instagram story and it helped me a lot to gain more views.

Now, hashtags aren't as powerful as they were for photos, but where hashtags are actually useful for Instagram reels is categorizing your content and telling Instagram what niche that content should live in.

Actually have three tags or hashtags relevant to the reel itself, and then two hashtags that are relevant to your niche.

Use hashtags on instagram

So to use this hidden hashtag feature you just have to type bunch of hashtags.

You have to scale the text size and hide it using the same color that is used in the story.

This will keep your story clean and user will also be not able to see your hashtags.

This will help your story to reach out to more and more people.

Other than this you have to make sure that you use the hashtags with less count that is the low competition other than the hashtags.

You alao have to make sure that you use location in your instagram story to target a specific audience related to your content.

This will help you to get targeted audience that will double your story views and that will increase your instagram engagement followers likes and comments also.

Do Experiment

And my last point, don't be afraid to experiment. This is something that we're doing a lot of right now.

We're trying all sorts of different content to see what will work on the platform because Instagram is so new, and you could be the person that creates a new trending type of content.

But what I encourage for you is original content because Instagram will reward you for original content on their platform.

Plus it's just a good look for your brand to try to create original things.


So here is my summary. The future of Instagram is all video. That's actually pretty much all video platforms right now, except for Twitter.

Maybe you can still get away with posting photos there, but if you want to grow on Instagram and you want to be successful on Instagram, you're gonna have to start creating video content.

Despite if you like reels or not or the future of where Instagram is headed at this point and the decisions that Zuckeberg's making over there, the future of this platform is short form video content.

If you wanna get free exposure, if you wanna get paid for content on this platform, you're gonna have to start posting video content.

And that is a reality that we have to live with because exposure of your brand is always a good thing.

And I hate saying this a bit.


So guys do let me know that which instagram tips helped you to gain more Followers and Reach.

If you are an Instagram creator, leave your links to your profile below. I'd love to go and check out all your work.

You can also follow me on instagram for more secret hacks related to instagram.