Top 3 Professional Free Video Editing Apps for Android

In today's article we're checking out three video editing applications that will really take your video editing on your android device.

Today we're checking out three video editing applications that will take your video editing on your android device to the next level.

Top 3 Professional Free Video Editing Apps for Android

These are not generic applications like kinemaster or cyberlink, power director these applications everybody knows now a days.

If you're trying to read video editing apps articles, chances are you've already tried these applications.

So the purpose of today's article is for me to bring out something new.

I have spent quite a lot of time on the google play store looking for some new applications.

Some apps that actually bring something new to the table whether it is for easier video editing or for professional workflows.

So in case you're here for that welcome to today's article with that said let's not waste any time let's get started.

1. Node Video

The first app is a new app that i'm sure none of you have heard of is called Node video.

Node video is a brand new video editing application that has been on the play store for quite some time.

But somehow i have missed it and a lot of other people also don't know about it.

The main point of this application is to give you a very clean as well as beautiful video editing experience with very little clutter.

So this is going to be used if you want to make youtube videos and edit them from your phone.

So the first thing once you open up the application is to create a new project.

Once you create than you can see the timeline, you can import new photos and videos.

Once you select the photo that you want to import all you have to do is you know crop it and take it to the exact size that you wanted to.

Now below that you have the transform tab, you can transfer the different properties.

So basically the scale as well as the positioning of the asset that you have dropped on your timeline click on it once and it's gonna suspend it.

At the bottom you can see you have the timeline and the play head over here you can scrub through it by clicking on the play button.

Honestly the reason i really like this application is because it has a lot of options.

You can manage the timeline here, you can look at where the different photos are where the different videos are as well as position them over one over the other.

You can also go ahead and create new media layers, create as many layers as you want name the layers whatever you'd like them to be.

Last but not the least you also have a color grading tab and while this is a pro tab meaning you will have to buy the pro version.

The fact that you can access color grading from here and also try it out and see what you want to do with it it's really cool.

You can also import a lot and honestly this is something that i've never seen before.

So i'm very very impressed to see this in an application.

You also have your scopes on the top hand corner, so anytime you want a little more professional video editing i think this is the app to go for definitely check it out.

Node video

2. Action Director

Next up we've got Action Director and while all of us have heard about cyberlink, powerdirector but this is a relatively new application.

Once you open the app then go to edit, once you click on edit you can write the name of the project and also select the aspect ratio we'll be working with a 16x9 footage over here.

You can select the different shorts of videos that you want to select and click on the plus icon and then you have to click on the plus button.

Once you're done with selecting all the clips just hit on the check mark icon here and your clips will be imported.

Now you can also remove the watermark whenever you want to.

And to do that you'll have to buy the pro version which sucks a little bit but this is really an app that if you are okay with the watermark it lets you do a lot of things.

So you have a lot of actions, you can speed you can do speed ramp and the best part about this app is that it tells you how to do what to do in case you're new to video editing.

Between all the clips you can add from a wide variety of inbuilt transitions.

You can also go ahead and select the adjustment, the effect, video smoothing, add titles, add music and all of that.

Honestly if you want to create short videos for instagram than Action Director should let you easily edit stuff like this.

Especially if you're shooting portrait stuff definitely check it out.

I highly recommend it it's a free app and yes i will definitely give the download button below.

Action director

3. Adobe Premiere Rush

Last but definitely not the least we have adobe premiere rush and to be very honest adobe premiere has been my video editing app of choice.

Adobe premiere rush is the same application created by the same guys stripped down for mobile.

So this is an app that will let you edit these sort of videos directly from your phone.

It does not have all the features that the pc version or the mac version has but honestly if you're someone who needs some really good video editing done on your phone i would highly recommend this app.

You don't have watermarks here there is absolutely nothing to worry about no pro version, no paid ads or anything of that sort you simply create a new project start importing your footage select different types of aspect ratios.

You can also select the different graphics that you want to add.

You can add titles, you can add effects and there's also a specific color section which is really important.

While it does not have lut supported features like the note editor.

This also has some basic correction tab like your exposure, your contrast, your highlights and your shadows and all of that that is really important even in a basic stuff.

There's also a lot of features here like you can click and drag to rearrange clips, click and drag to increase or decrease the size add different sorts of titles on the clips.

You can duplicate clips you can play them and once you're done with them.

You can go ahead and export them.

Honestly i feel like if video editing on your phone is a must and you cannot edit on a pc or on a laptop then this is one of the apps that you should try.

Because this is as good as it gets when it comes to video editing on your phone.

Adobe premiere rush