Best Offline Racing, Fighting and Adventure Games for Android

1. Stunt Car Extreme 2. Kingdom Two Crowns 3. Bike Race Stunt Master 4. Tetrun 5. Ninja Arashi 2 6. Crash Bandicoot 7. Fighting Ex Layer

Now a days games are everywhere, it's on your smartphone, tablet on the web and also inside social media apps.

Best Offline Racing, Fighting and Adventure Games for Android

Now many new android devies is comes with preloaded games and this is the first priority of the company.

If you are in a boring place with no internet connection than the playing game is the first thing which comes on your mind.

So today in this article i will give you a list of 10 best offline android games that you can play without any internet connection.

So without wasting any further time let's dive in.

1. Stunt Car Extreme

Stunt Car Extreme Is a racing game with challenging traps and unusual tracks. You need to drive through the traps dodging, performing stunts and landing on all four wheels.

To control the car, use two fingers, one press the brake or accelerator depending on the situation, and the second, change the position of the car when it is in the air to do rotations.

The game is really addictive with a lot of tracks so you will never get bored.

Stunt car

2. Kingdom Two Crowns

The premise of the game kingdom Two crowns in simple build, expand and defend your kingdom.

The game starts with you as the ruler and you need to hire locals and put them to work as builders, archers and farmers.

Each day you will get a sum of money and with that you need to expand your kingdom and build out.

It's a really fascinating game with its retro graphics and minimalistic gameplay.

Kingdom to crowns

3. Bike Race Stunt Master

Next one on the list is sort of similar to our 2nd game, but this time it is a motorcycle.

Just like the previous game this features incredible obstacles and tracks.

You need to do backflips and frontflips to earn extra points and finish each level.

With the points that you earn, you can upgrade your bike as well. So a nice adventurous bike game.

Bike race master

4. Tetrun

Tetrun is an endless parkour game in which the objective is to climb a tower as high as possible without being smashed by falling cubes.

The controls are as simple as it would get; there are no buttons, everything is done with gestures. Swipe up to jump, swipe right or left to run...etc.

A really addictive and endless game that can keep you occupied for hours.


5. Ninja Arashi 2

Ninja Arashi 2 features simple yet addicting gameplay, giving you thrilling moments and unexpected experiences.

It places you back into the shoes of Master Ninja Arashi as he continues his quest to rescue his son.

On his way he will encounter many enemies, flash and dash through them and the obstacles and complete the mission.

The game is filled with many hidden quests and everything. It is a really nice thrilling game with a good story.

Ninja arashi 2

6. Crash Bandicoot : On the Run

I tried out this game for this video hoping that it would be like any other endless runner games, but i was wrong...this is something new.

I like the crash bandicoot characters and this endless game isn't like temple run or subway surfers.

A lot of cool elements like a final boss at the end of the run, collecting gems and various locations makes it one of the best casual games for mobile right now.

Crash bandicoot

7. Fighting Ex Layer

This is an offline mobile fighting game that is the successor of the very famous game "street fighter".

The game is packed with action. One of the things that I really liked as well as found it annoying at times is how you fight in this game.

There are no a,b buttons or analog this game we control everything with gestures.

There is a huge list of gestures, which you can look it up in the game menu... definitely worth a try if you love fighting games.

Fighting x layer

8. A Stranger Place : Stealth Scary Escape Adventure

Are you into scary, thrilling games? then you might like this one, a scary horror game set in an abandoned building.

The objective is to find clues and solve mysteries and get the hell out of there alive.

The game is really thrilling with good soundtracks and graphics. Nothing to complain about.

A stranger place

9. Exiles

Exiles is one of those games that just makes me wonder how big and crazy a mobile game can be.

This one is a straight PC game, It looks exceptionally good for mobile, the textures and modeling isn't up to standards today, but considering the fact that this is a mobile game, that is 10/10.

The combat and the controls are terrible but The story makes up for it, there are only a few games for mobile like these with good story and graphics.

So buy it from the google play store and enjoy So that's been it.